Alexander Zverev explains what you have to do in order to beat Novak Djokovic

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Alexander Zverev explains what you have to do in order to beat Novak Djokovic

German tennis star Alexander Zverev believes he could beat Novak Djokovic at the Tokyo Olympics. Zverev, ranked at No. 5 in the world, is set o make his debut appearance at the Olympics. "To defeat a player like Djokovic you have to do things that very few players can do.

You have to outrun Nole and dominate him. I see myself as someone who may have a chance to beat him. If you play like him, you will lose. You have to play at a high level and hope that he is not successful that day. I think that the best players always have that pressure.

It is always positive to feel that way. If you get good results in tournaments of this type, you know 100% that you are one one of the best tennis players of the moment," Zverev told Sportschau.

Zverev wants to win a medal

"I have already said repeatedly that I am going to Tokyo to compete for a medal for Germany.

That does not mean at all that I am going to win, but it is true that I see myself as one of the favorites to win it all," Zverev underlined. Djokovic, who is the top favorite to win the Tokyo Olympics, claimed he won't have an easy job at the tournament.

“Although some players from the top are not coming, there are also a lot of elite players fighting for medals: (Daniil) Medvedev, (Stefanos) Tsitsipas and (Alex) Zverev are among the favourites. They are the best, but it is a long tournament and anything can happen.

“Furthermore, Olympics are specific in terms of pressure, expectations and emotions – everything is different compared to other tournaments and I know that very well, I felt it on my own skin in the past. Therefore, I will try to approach the Olympics in the same way that I approach other tournaments, so that I can stay focused on my goal”.