Frances Tiafoe speaks on Naomi Osaka publicly speaking about her mental health

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Frances Tiafoe speaks on Naomi Osaka publicly speaking about her mental health

American tennis player Frances Tiafoe is OK with world No. 2 Naomi Osaka and gymnastics superstar Simone Biles speaking publicly about their mental health. A few months ago, Osaka announced she would not be doing press conferences at the French Open due to her mental health wellbeing.

After her first round win at the French Open, Osaka refused to do a press conference and received lots of criticism. Shortly after, Osaka pulled out of the rest of the French Open and also decided to skip the entire grass season, including Wimbledon.

"Yeah, I mean, I think everyone's human;" Tiafoe said, when asked about Osaka and Biles. "Everyone's going through a lot of things. Yeah, I mean, I think people being open about it, talking about their experiences is definitely big.

Letting the fans and pretty much everyone else know what's going on with all the other athletes. Everyone is going through things. "But, yeah, I mean, we matter just as next as the much person, as the ordinary person.

We're human. We're going to have mood swings, personal things go on that may affect our day to day. Being open about it, talking about it, I think is huge."

Tiafoe enjoyed his Olympic debut

Tiafoe, 23, made his Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tiafoe beat Sonwoo Kwon in the first round, before losing to Stefanos Tsitsipas in the second round. "The Olympics was a great experience. I'm happy I did it. Obviously I hope I can go again some years to see other sports, kind of enjoy a little bit more the experience;" Tuafoe said.

"All in all, it was really cool seeing the village, seeing all the other athletes, the opening ceremony. Met a lot of people. It was pretty cool. Definitely something I'm glad to say I achieved that, I'm an Olympian, something that really can't be taken from me. That's pretty cool."