Will Smith: "An honor to play Richard Williams"

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Will Smith: "An honor to play Richard Williams"

Will Smith is a multifaceted actor, capable of moving from dramatic roles to comedies, or playing roles in which he is a super hero, a soldier or a scientist. He achieved world fame in the 1990s after starring in the television series Willy, the Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996) and in numerous films including Bad Boys (1995), Independence Day (1996) and Men in Black (1997).

He received two Academy Award nominations for Best Actor for his portrayal of boxer Muhammad Ali in Ali (2001) and for his role as Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). Now he will be the protagonist of King Richard, a movie in which he will play the father of Serena and Venus Wiliams, probably the strongest and most influential tennis players in the history of the Game.

Will Smith: "An honor to play Richard Williams"

Will Smith presenting the first trailer of the biopic, said on Instagram: "One of the greatest honors as an actor is to be able to celebrate someone's legacy while they're still here creating it.

I've gotten to do it a few times in my career playing @ceoofhappyness and @muhammadali, and every time it's a fulfilling and expansive experience beyond compare. So now, I'm proud to show you all our first trailer for #KingRichard, the story of the man who introduced the world to @venuswilliams and @serenawilliams.

The origin story for some REAL DEAL superheroes!!" The Williams sisters, in more than twenty years, have won 121 singles tournaments, 4 mixed doubles tournaments and have occupied a total of more than 300 weeks at number one in singles and for eight weeks also in the doubles rankings.

After the 2002 French Open, Venus and Serena were number one and two in the singles rankings respectively. Both are part of the small group of tennis players who have won more than 50 titles. Pairing up in women's doubles tournaments, the Williams sisters won 14 Grand Slam events and on one occasion they won 4 in a row (from Wimbledon 2009 to Paris 2010), but not in the same year.

The results are not lacking even at the Olympics: they have won a total of four gold medals each, three of which together in the women's doubles and one each in singles.