Stefanos Tsitsipas sends message of support to Greece

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Stefanos Tsitsipas sends message of support to Greece

Greece is currently going through a tough period due to bushfires and Stefanos Tsitsipas provided them a message of support following his second round win at the Toronto Masters. "My heart is with all the people of Greece,” Tsitsipas said, per the ATP website.

“I come from the south suburbs of Athens. When I was there a few days ago, I could see the fires from the south. Huge, giant clouds, smoke, which you could see from far, far away. It wasn't very nice. "Even at the beach that day when I went to swim, you could see all the debris from the smoke and from the fires in the sea”.

Tsitsipas loves and feels for his country

"I'm trying to help as much as possible, because first of all, it's my country,” Tstitsipas said. “I grew up there. It's where my heart is. I do it for the people, as well.

Helping is the least I can do. It's very unfortunate. It has happened in the past, but we are trying to put some help in there to help kind of bring back what was there before”. Tsitsipas survived a tricky opener in Toronto as he beat Ugo Humbert.

Tsitsipas, the new world No. 3, beat Humbert 6-3 6-7 (13) 6-1. After losing an extremely tight second set, Tsitsipas bounced back and easily won the third set. "I took a break, I went to refresh myself. I kind of put it behind," Tsitsipas said of how he mentally re-set ahead of the third set.

"I didn't want to think about it. Whatever happened happened, and I don't want anything to affect me. I don't want anything to get inside my head. I just showed incredible mental balance and mental strength to overcome this difficult tie-break that I just experienced... I still had high hopes that I could pull something good off."