Alexander Zverev tells absolutely crazy story about his new fitness coach

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Alexander Zverev tells absolutely crazy story about his new fitness coach

World No. 5 Alexander Zverev insists he is all good with Jez Green but they decided to split because the fitness coach is about to become a father and wants to live a quieter life. Green is one of the well-known fitness coaches on the Tour and Zverev hired him a few years ago to help him strengthen.

"We made this decision together. He'll be a father for the first time time at the age of 50 and wants somewhat a quieter life. You don't have that in tennis. We have worked together for seven years and have celebrated successes.

He said that I'm so strong in the weight room that he couldn't help he anymore. It wasn't a big discussion, everything is okay," Zverev told BILD.

Zverev has a new fitness coach

Zverev hired former rugby player Mark Bennett to be his new fitness coach.

"He's insane. He has a screw loose. He was a rugby player and wanted to go to the World Cup. But he broke his finger and the doctor said he couldn't go. Mark said that he didn't need the finger, but the doctor said he couldn't go.

So, he went to another doctor, had his finger amputated and went to the World Cup. I have got something coming Zverev said. Zverev recently captured his first gold medal after beating Karen Khachanov in the Tokyo Olympics final.

Winning gold medal meant a lot to Zverev. "People from the outside probably have a hard time understanding (what it means to win gold). After all, the gold we win is not real gold. Our gold consists of years of sacrifice, hard work, sleepless nights, training sessions you don't feel like doing, discipline, lots of tears. Only other athletes understand how much you have to invest and how much you suffer," Zverev said.