Stefanos Tsitsipas explains how his girlfriend improve his outfit game

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Stefanos Tsitsipas explains how his girlfriend improve his outfit game

Stefanos Tsitsipas, 23, has underlined that he is a grown man now. Last year, Tsitsipas complained at a press conference that he felt his parents were too involved in his life. In his next press conference, his mom showed up and sit at the back row.

"I’m a grown-up now,” Tsitsipas told Vogue. “I’m not a boy anymore. When I turned 21, I felt like, you know, things have changed”. Tsitsipas is in a relationship with Theodora Petalas and he claims his outfit game has improved since she is in his life.

Petalas is a NYU graduate with a degree in project management, "My wardrobe was quite weak, and I didn’t have a game there,” Tsitsipas said. “I wanted to start dressing up a bit, so we tried to create an identity”.

Tsitsipas now more interested in fashion

Tsitsipas is now much more interested in fashion and his outfits. "I started investing more in fashion, and I’ve seen that transition kind of benefit me a lot and make me feel better about myself,” Tsitsipas said.

“If I keep putting in the same amount of work and if I stay persistent, I feel it can lead to a really nice place I haven’t been before”. Tsitsipas played at last week's Toronto Masters, where he suffered a semifinal loss to Reilly Opelka.

Tsitsipas was the favorite to make the final but ended up suffering a surprise loss. "It was played on the details, and he prevailed. It didn't go my way when it had to, and it's all right. I feel like there is hope for next time," Tsitsipas said after losing to Opelka, per the ATP website.

"When you get no rhythm, it's also kind of difficult, sometimes feel and get the shots that you had before. It kind of ruins your game very silently, very slow. The main factor there is just to forget all that and just play."