Victoria Azarenka: I don't think anybody expected Barbora Krejcikova to win RG

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Victoria Azarenka: I don't think anybody expected Barbora Krejcikova to win RG

Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka believes that the terms clay court specialist or grass court specialist are outdated. During an appearance on Tennis Channel, former world No. 1 Andy Roddick spoke about how people always talk about clay courts specialists or grass court specialists but never hard court specialists.

During her press conference at the Cincinnati Masters, Azarenka was asked about Roddick's comments. "To be fair, I feel like those terms of clay court specialist and grass court specialist are a bit outdated. I don't think anybody expected Krejcikova to win the French Open or that she was a clay court specialist, at least to me.

Or Ash also, I don't think that she has shown any big results before Wimbledon, and here we are, we have a champion," Azarenka said. "I don't necessarily feel the same way of the specialists. I think at times there are players who are playing better.

I think the tennis game is changing. I honestly don't feel that much of a specialist per surface because we've seen in that way quite few surprising winners of certain tournaments. I mean, not surprising, but the surface that they have won maybe events that are a bit more surprising than others."

Azarenka focused on the present

Azarenka was also asked if she would like to return to past and play in the era when there were specialists. "I wasn't playing in the era where I would say that was really distinguished.

I can't really say if I want to go back there," Azarenka said. "I'm really not the person who thinks too much how it used to be, fantasizing about the future. My whole goal is to try to enjoy my life, what it is, really be in the moment and be present.

"Those type of things, as fun they are sometimes to think about, I just don't really spend my time doing that."