Naomi Osaka 'really motivated' to do well in United States

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Naomi Osaka 'really motivated' to do well in United States
Naomi Osaka 'really motivated' to do well in United States (Provided by Tennis World USA)

World No. 2 Naomi Osaka is determined to achieve good results in the United States. Osaka is hoping to win this week's Cincinnati Masters and have a perfect preparation for the US Open. Osaka would also like to make a good result at the Indian Wells Masters, which is set to take place in October.

"Yeah, I would say right now I feel pretty good. I think that I'm really motivated. There is only like three tournaments left in the year, and they happen to be, you know, in New York, in Indian Wells, I really love those places, and here, too.

I like the roller coaster place that's right across the street," Osaka said. "I'm just, you know, trying to have fun and trying to play well. I think I can build off of what happened in Tokyo a lot, yeah, just trying to learn a lot."

Osaka extra motivated to win Cincinnati

Osaka has pledged to donate all of her Cincinnati prize money to relief effort for Haiti.

"Yeah, I mean, of course I'd really love to win this tournament for the extra motivation I have in giving an organization my prize money for Haiti, of course. But I accidentally saw my draw so I know how hard it's going to be and I know how tough the players are that are here," Osaka noted.

"So I would say I'm trying to take it one match at a time, and I don't even know who my opponent is going to be, so, yeah, just trying to train really hard each day and see where that takes me. "I feel like definitely that's a moment that I'll ever be, or I'll be the proudest of myself.

I think, you know, my ojisan (phonetic) was probably like yelling at his TV when it happened. I feel -- I don't know. It was definitely surreal. I had to do a rehearsal the year before, but it felt very top secret. I didn't know I was the first tennis player to carry the torch, but definitely that's something that I'll remember in my heart."

Naomi Osaka