Sebastian Korda: There is a lot of similarities between me and my dad

Sebastian's dad, Petr, is a former Grand Slam champion and world No. 2.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sebastian Korda: There is a lot of similarities between me and my dad

Rising American star Sebastian Korda, 21, claims there is a lot of similarities between him and his father Petr Korda. Petr Korda captured his maiden Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in 1998 and his career-high ranking saw him sitting at No.

2 in the world. His son, Sebastian, is one of the most talented players on the Tour as he is currently enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 45 in the world. "I don't know. This is just kind of the way I was taught to play tennis.

I mean, there is a lot of similarities between me and my dad. He had really good timing on his strokes. He'd hit the ball pretty flat and try and stay as close to the baseline as possible and try and dictate," Korda said. "But, yeah, I think my dad and my mom, they both taught me to be aggressive, come to the net, and just kind of play tennis a little different way than everybody else is playing, kind of throw in some slices, dropshots, go to the net, serve and volley.

"I think variety is a really big part of my game, and I'm improving it every day."

Korda returned to action at the Cincinnati Masters

Korda kicked off his summer hard court swing in Washington, where he made the round-of-16 and injured a bit his back.

Korda, who pulled out of last week's Toronto Masters, is playing at this week's Cincinnati Masters. "Yeah, my back is really good right now. It's holding up. I injured myself a little bit in Washington [sic], and it got a little bit worse, but I still decided to finish the doubles and was hoping to be ready for Toronto, but I just wasn't 100%," Korda said.

"I was super close, but I knew I would have problems if I did play the match. Kind of went back to the States, recovered a little bit, worked on my back, and, yeah, it's good so far, no pain, and I'm really happy about it."

Sebastian Korda