Dominic Thiem explains how his unfortunate wrist injury happened

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Dominic Thiem explains how his unfortunate wrist injury happened

Austria's Dominic Thiem admitted he knew his chances of playing the US Open were slim but still he was shocked after being forced to withdraw from the US Open. On Wednesday, Thiem pulled out of the rest of the 2021 season due to a wrist injury.

"It was pretty shocking news and surprising for me," Thiem told the US Open website in a virtual interview on Wednesday. "I knew that the US Open was going to be very tough to reach after the injury I faced, but to finish the 2021 season was pretty surprising news.

I'm still trying to digest that. "The chances were very little [to play the US Open], but I love the tournament, so if there was still any chance, I was trying to get there. But in the end there was no chance... and it's a pretty dangerous injury as well, so I need to heal it.

That's why the only decision I could take was to first pull out from the Open, and then pull out from the whole season."

Thiem suffered the unfortunate injury in June

During his opener at the Mallorca Open, Thiem injured his wrist.

"It was one particular shot," Thiem explained, "but the tendon sheath, it's not stable, and that means it can happen at any shot. So there's no chance to compete or even hit the normal forehand."

Thiem captured his maiden Grand Slam title at last year's US Open and Flushing Meadows is a special place for him. "I will watch, definitely," he said. "Probably the US Open is the most special tournament in my career.

By far, the biggest success came there... I'm not only a player, I'm also a tennis fan." Thiem wants to do some good while away from the court. "I want to use the time in a good way," he said. "There are some causes which are close to my heart, ocean and environmental protection. I really love this stuff and it's my passion outside the court."