Versier: "Rafael Nadal's physical problem is not simple"

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Versier: "Rafael Nadal's physical problem is not simple"

In recent days, tennis legend Rafael Nadal has amazed all fans and professionals with the renunciation of the US Open 2021 and the rest of the season in general. The Spanish champion came back to the court, after two months of absence, at the ATP 500 tournament in Washington, but he too came out in the second match showing he had various physical problems, especially a worrying foot problem.

This injury is not like the previous ones, it cannot be resolved with an operation and can seriously jeopardize the continuity of his career. This injury is not like the foot problem of 2005 but can cause severe damage to Nadal.

Muller-Weiss syndrome is a chronic and degenerative disease and if confirmed it can really worry the Iberian champion and all staff members about him. The well-known French doctor Gilbert Versier, known as director of the surgical department of the hospital of Valenciennes and doctor for the Tour de France.

Versier's words on Rafael NadaI's problem

The doctor spoke to the Equipe microphones and released interesting words about the condition of the twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments, here are his words: "This disease is congenital, it affects people who already have foot problems and favors compression.

of the bone where Nadal has his problem. The bone can deteriorate and deteriorate, the blood becomes necrotic and the degradation of the bone progresses, a very painful process. It is a problem that becomes even more serious with age and can generate osteoarthritis, a problem that often occurs in women.

Operation? It is not easy, you can intervene but I think it is something to do only for those patients where you can barely walk. There are other options but they are absolutely incompatible with sports." The latest statements certainly worry Rafael Nadal fans and we all hope he can return as soon as possible.

It was debated whether his return was possible at the beginning of 2022 but the reality is that at the moment there are no particular news on the date of his come back to the court. All fans, of course, are wondering if Rafa and Roger Federer will come back on the court in 2022.