Stefanos Tsitsipas shares message to kids who aspire to be like him

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Stefanos Tsitsipas shares message to kids who aspire to be like him

Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas has encouraged those who aspire to be like him to work hard and chase opportunities and try to create a chance for themselves. Tsitsipas, 23, has grown into one of the best players on the Tour and now he is competing for the biggest accolades in the sport.

In Greece, Tsitsipas is a role model for many kids and many dream of becoming successful in sports like the French Open runner-up. "My advice to all the young kids out there, is to not wait for opportunity but create to it yourself, opportunities will never come to you, you must go out and chase them," Tsitsipas told Adidas.

"Every single day, if you show up to work and put love and dedication towards your passions and the things that you want to harness for tomorrow, then nothing should be there to stop you. Dedication, purpose, and belief that your goals are going to be met one day, is the strongest feeling that exists.

No fears, just believe. "I don’t usually smile too much when I compete, but I would say smile more whenever you’re doing what you love. Try to avoid external pressure. We have one life, and we must enjoy it at the fullest with no regrets."

Tsitsipas pays respect to his grandfather

"I’m thankful to my grandfather, who I never got to meet.

He was an Olympic Champion in the 1956 Melbourne Games for football with the Soviet Union, he is part of the legacy. I’m also grateful to him for raising my mother and making her the caring person she is today. She gave me the opportunity to dream and see sport from a competitive perspective, where I truly wanted to make this my full-time job.

She is one of the main reasons I am standing here today, and playing tennis at the level that I am," Tsitsipas said. "She has taught me a lot about discipline, competition, respect and nurturing my talents. Always trying to get the best out of me and find the best version of myself, inspiring me in ways that I couldn’t understand as a child."