Paolo Lorenzi, 39, retires from professional tennis at US Open

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Paolo Lorenzi, 39, retires from professional tennis at US Open

Italy's Paolo Lorenzi, 39, has announced his retirement from professional tennis. Lorenzi, ranked at No. 188 in the world, ended his career following a 6-4 6-3 loss to Maxime Janvier in the US Open qualifying second round.

Lorenzi enjoyed his best days on the Tour just a few years ago as in 2016 he captured his first and lone ATP title in Kitzbuhel. A year later, Lorenzi achieved a career-high ranking of No. 33 in the world. “No more professional tennis.

That’s what I was thinking, to finish in New York. I’ve always loved New York, so I think it’s a good place to stop,” Lorenzi told the ATP website. “Everything was more difficult and I had a few injuries at the beginning of the year, so I knew that my body was not like before anymore.

You have to know when it’s time to finish”.

Lorenzi wanted to go out in New York

“Every time I’m here, I’m happy, so that’s why I chose New York [to retire],” Lorenzi said. “It’s strange.

Of course I know that one part of my life is finished, for sure the best part. I was lucky. My passion was my work, so I cannot ask for anything more than that. “But I’m also happy because I was trying my best. From when I was young, I was trying to be a professional tennis player.

I made it”. Lorenzi was well-known for his fighting spirit and he noted that becoming a professional tennis player was a dream come true. “I would like them to remember me as a player who was trying his best every time on court and was fighting until the end,” Lorenzi said.

“This was the best journey of my life. I really enjoyed every moment. Every time I was on court, it was a dream that came true”.