Shriver: "Roger Federer a champion at ease at the top"

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Shriver: "Roger Federer a champion at ease at the top"

Pam Shriver, a former player who also reached position number 3 in the WTA rankings, acknowledges that Roger Federer is a hugely loved athlete and hopes that tennis will find a role for him after his retirement. She stated this in an interview with ESPN Press Room, praising many aspects of the game and the figure of the 40-year-old from Basel, who after a come back to the court, in which he focused a lot on Wimbledon (eliminated in the quarter-finals by the Polish Hubert Hurkacz, with a heavy 6-0 in the third set), he has already announced the end of his season to undergo a third knee surgery.

Pam abou Roger

Pam said: "I really feel for Roger that the three-out-of-five format, given everything he's been through at his age, will be a huge mountain to climb to get back to top levels." 20 Grand Slams won during his career, such as the current palmares of Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal.

The American, who won a total of 21 titles, even reaching a final at the US Open, confessed how she always enjoyed watching Federer manage his responsibilities and the pressure of number one in the world. She added: "He love this sport.

I have never seen a champion so comfortable at the top, I love every aspect of him: even the times he played doubles, the Olympics where he won with Wawrinka, there could be a farewell moment that involved doubles, which it's nowhere near as physically strenuous as playing a best of five set.

I feel lucky that he did what he did in sport and I was able to watch him so much." Then she concluded:" What would I like to see about tennis now? Reunite again, Tennis United, with all the different groups; talk to Tony and Roger and really devise a plan to use their amazing connections with crowds and different generations around the world."