Naomi Osaka: "I was nervous, like every first round of a Slam"

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Naomi Osaka: "I was nervous, like every first round of a Slam"

In the first round of the US Open 2021 women's singles, Naomi Osaka overtook in straight sets with the final score of 6-4 6-1 Marie Bouzkova, thus qualifying for the second round of the New York Slam. An important victory for Japanese, which swept away some of the clouds that were gathering on the horizon after the last, difficult weeks.

After the wins, the Japanese said in the press conference: "I was definitely nervous, I always am in the first round of a Grand Slam. But it was almost surreal to go out and feel the real crowd this time, to see and feel their energy.

Because last year with automatic sounds it was more or less the same. I am the kind of player who also tries to entertain the crowd, while last year it was like I was doing my job. For example I would not have tried crazy serve or something.

I think I played some good games in response. There were a couple of very tight ones where I told myself to keep close to her so maybe she would get nervous. And I think it happened in the last one set point with which I'm done.

The serve is definitely one of my most powerful weapons. It shows up when it is needed but I hope that in the future I will not need it so much. Maybe in the first set I was a bit too passive in the sense that I didn't open the court much, so I did it a little better in the second set.

I was able to move it more and that also explains the better score." Regarding her passion for fashion, Osaka said: "I really like fashion magazines. And as a tennis player I don't get to dress up for the occasion and do a photo shoot.

So I love learning new things from these experiences, because usually when you go to Vogue or others, you have the chance to meet the designer or the garment in question. For me it is a good experience. While now after all these years I have desensitized myself at conferences.

Especially during calls on Zoom it seems to me alone of sitting in front of a screen answering questions. I like to see people's expressions. Anyway yes, I understand how such a question can arise, and for me being on the cover of a magazine and doing press conferences are two things completely different."