Karolina Pliskova explains how being perfectionist sometimes affects her on court

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Karolina Pliskova explains how being perfectionist sometimes affects her on court

World No. 4 Karolina Pliskova admitted she didn't like being in big cities at the start of jer career but now she is used to that and to the lifestyle that it brings. Pliskova, a former world No. 1, is currently in New York, where she is hoping to win her first US Open title.

Pliskova made the US Open final in 2016, before losing to Angelique Kerber. "We used to be outside of big cities, spending more time in nature but because of tennis, you needed to be in city because you can’t drive everywhere.

I somehow got more used to the fancy life, restaurants and always having people around, so now I actually like being in the city," Pliskova recalled, per TENNIS magazine.

Pliskova is a perfectionist

Pliskova sometimes tends to be too hard on herself simply because of the fact that she is a perfectionist.

"On one hand, I can be such a perfectionist that I never want to miss or make mistakes,”Pliskova explained. “On the other I still have to play this kind of game where there’s always going to be mistakes; it’s impossible to play without mistakes.

So, I do sometimes have this kind of battle with myself and my game, where I’m thinking I need to play more aggressively but I also don’t want to miss or make an easy mistake”. Winning a point doesn't necessarily mean that Pliskova will be happy afterward.

“I can be negative and feel like, even if I won the point, it wasn’t so clear and I could have played better,” Pliskova noted. “This can become my thinking after every point. With my personality, it’s not that I’m scared but I just want to have everything perfect, and clear with no mistakes. I know I can play like that, even if not for the whole match, but I want always to be that perfect”.