Bertolucci against Tsitsipas: "This is all a joke"

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Bertolucci against Tsitsipas: "This is all a joke"

It is one of the most discussed topics of the moment and there are many tennis players and former tennis players to comment on the situation. The match valid for the first round of the US Open between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andy Murray became famous above all for the controversy regarding the toilet break of Tsitsipas with the Greek who in almost every set took a 7-8 minute break going to the locker room for change.

This situation did not go down to the British who heavily attacked the opponent, first in the conference and then on social media. Among the various insiders also the former Italian tennis champion Paolo Bertolucci commented on the story and he too was not light in attacking the current number 3 in the world ranking.

In the next round Tsitsipas will face the young talent of world tennis, the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz.

Bertolucci's words to the Greek champion

Here are the words of him, to the microphones of Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

Bertolucci said: "A fool, it is unsportsmanlike behavior and this rule must be changed. After a set, maybe only 30 minutes, one goes off the pitch and changes his shirt? Enough, it has to stop. I talked about it with ATP exponents and they told me that their goal is to always put tennis players in the best conditions.

In the 70s this didn't happen, I think so: if you have prostatitis you can't play tennis, period. Maybe if we want to solve this problem we allow this thing only to those who are winning, before there was the medical timeout that tennis players used before the opponent's service, let's say it was a precursor and these things only happen in tennis.

Nadal and Djokovic take time to serve? Oh well, it has always been there and you know it. Just be aware that it takes 10 seconds longer to answer and you prepare yourself better to concentrate. Tsitsipas is still escorted by a line judge and I'm sure it's not coaching, I don't think he uses the breaks to text his father Apostolos at all. In our time someone would surely have mocked Stefanos and done something that he would have broken."