Sloane Stephens: "Tsitsipas' toilet break? It's about sportsmanship"

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Sloane Stephens: "Tsitsipas' toilet break? It's about sportsmanship"

Sloane Stephens defeated her countrywoman Cori Gauff in the 2nd rund of the US Open 2021, after a match dominated by former US Open champion. In the press conference, Sloane also talked about the Stefanos Tsitsipas' toilet issue, which generated a lot of controversy from Andy Murray and many other tennis players and insiders.

Murray has made it clear, after the defeat to the Greek at the end of a spooky match, of how he has lost respect for Tsitsipas. Stephens said about the issue: "I can't talk specifically about what happened in that match, but I know that among women there are still many similar cases.

It's about sportsmanship. I believe that the rule must absolutely be changed. A lot of tweaks for little things, for example they took a minute off the heater. And if someone goes to the bathroom for eight, nine minutes nobody says anything.

There are so many little things that should be reviewed and it hasn't been done. Now that if he is talking about it I think the issue will get more attention and the way you play will change a bit. Leaving the pitch for eight minutes is a lot; it can completely change the inertia of a game.

Are you changing your clothes? What are you doing? a rule from a couple of years ago that girls could only go to the bathroom for three minutes. If you tried to change into a wet sports bra you would know how hard it is, but at most it takes five minutes.

When it gets to six, seven, eight, nine minutes one wonders what you are doing in there. Do you need help? What is happening?"

Azarenka's statements

Also Victoria Azarenka after the win against Jasmine Paolini, added about Tsitsipas-Murray's issue: "I want to start a conversation between the players, because it seems a bit strange to me that fans need to be vaccinated and tennis players don't.

So I think, according to me, it is inevitable that at some point it will be forced upon us as other leagues are doing. I see no reason to stall, really, because I think we all want to be safe, we all want to keep doing our job, and I know that there is a lot of discussion about it.

But I respect everyone's opinion, as long as it's not a conspiracy theory. You know, if you have a decent understanding of the subject and you have looked at the research and you have your own conclusions, your own statistics, it is a different conversation.

But I think that part of the knowledge you really need to be informed about what you are talking about is missing from many players. I hope that as an association we will make the best decision. hours for our business, for our health, for tournaments, for the public.

And I think we have to start this conversation, because as I said, in my opinion it's just inevitable."

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