Tsitsipas: "The crowd is booing me? I haven't done anything wrong"

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Tsitsipas: "The crowd is booing me? I haven't done anything wrong"

Stefanos Tsitsipas has no more peace and continues to receive criticism from his opponents for his long toilet breaks. The Greek passed the second round at the US Open, the last Grand Slam tournament of the season, regulating the French Mannarino in four sets.

A few hours after the end of the match, he was again accused of having made too much of a break at the end of the third set, which he had lost at the tie-break. Virtually every time he shows up at a press conference, the Athens native is forced to reply to the recent attacks by several players and former tennis players.

The number 3 in the world, in addition to the most discussed topic of the moment, however, also focuses on the next opponent, the talented Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, who is demonstrating to those who have doubts that he is effective with his game even in theoretically less congenial surfaces.

like American cement.

Tsitsipas defends himself and attacks on the counterattack

First statements on the performance shown with Mannarino: "I started the game in a great way, I did everything tactically correct and I felt at ease.

In the third I had some difficulties finding my game, he played a little more relaxed and things went better for him. The tiebreak was a very tough battle, where he was more solid and made fewer unforced errors. After I cooled down a bit, I like to do it.

It does me good to be less sweaty and feel fresh and I accelerated again, closing the race. I repeat that I have not broken any rules. There is a rule for this that doesn't really specify the time you need to be in the bathroom.

If I need it then I will use it. Now I ask a question: could you check when Murray faced Novak Djokovic in the final here, before the fifth set how long did it take him? Could you look for him and then answer me next time?" On the boos at the end of the confrontation: "I don't understand them.

People love sports and come to see tennis. I have nothing against them. I love them. But there are people who don't understand it, who have never played at a high level. to understand how much effort and how difficult it is to do what we do.

Sometimes we need a short break." Then a thought about his rival him in the third round in New York: "He is a young talent who has been doing very well lately. He is constantly improving, climbing many positions in the standings.

He is a player who adapts very well to any surface. I really want to face a player like him. I see him as a potential contender in the future to win the Grand Slam and major tournaments in the sport."