Stefanos Tsitsipas hits back at Alexander Zverev following US Open exit

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Stefanos Tsitsipas hits back at Alexander Zverev following US Open exit

World No. 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas insists he is not trying to be everyone's favorite player and also hit back at Alexander Zverev following the criticism and accusations from the German. Two weeks ago during the Cincinnati Masters semifinal, Tsitsipas was accused of being a cheater by Zverev.

After Tsitsipas left the court with his bag, Zverev accused him of leaving the court with his phone so he could text his father, who works as his coach. At the US Open, Tsitsipas left the court for seven minutes following the end of the fourth set against Andy Murray.

Murray was irate and he unloaded on Tsitsipas after the match, claiming the Greek knew exactly what he was doing and said he lost his respect for him. "Look, I'm not pretending that everyone loves me. I don't want to be -- my intentions are not to be loved by anyone.

Every person can choose their favorite player, pick a side," Tsitsipas said, as revealed by Tumaini Carayol. "I felt that way, but I kind of have ignored it. Because people don't know, that's the thing. When people are not really in the sport and don't know what happening, "I mean, all these accusations have been completely false.

The one in my match in Cincinnati, which was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. Yeah, that was -- I don't know what to say. I mean, that really shows the level of the person that said."

Zverev joined Murray in Tsitsipas criticism

World No.

4 Zverev was asked to give his thoughts on the Murray and Tsitsipas US Open first round drama. Zverev took Murray's side and called out Tsitsipas. "It's not normal," Zverev told reporters earlier this week.

"It's happening every match. It happened to me in the French Open, to Novak (Djokovic) at the finals at the French Open. You know, I think in Hamburg against [Filip] Krajinovic he was complaining, against me in Cincinnati was ridiculous, and now here again. I think players are catching up on that."