Daniil Medvedev: Many vaccinated players don't speak about it for different reasons

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Daniil Medvedev: Many vaccinated players don't speak about it for different reasons

Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev doubts that Sports Illustrated's stat about around 70 percent of the Tour not being vaccinated was right. Following his third round win at the US Open, Medvedev was asked to give his thoughts on Sports Illustrated's stat that says that around 70 percent players on the Tour haven't been vaccinated.

"The thing is that I don't know from where Sports Illustrated got this info from," Medvedev said. "I know a lot of players who are vaccinated, but they don't say it for different reasons. For example, talking about myself, I want to keep my medical, in Russia you call it a medical card, like medical book, I want to keep it private.

Talking about anything, COVID, shoulder injury, wrist injury, ankle, whatever. "Like, anybody, I can have some problems with my health, and I don't want my opponents to know about it. So I would doubt that there numbers are right from them."

Like Medvedev, Andy Murray was also asked about vaccination on the Tour

Murray, one of the vaccinated players, suggested that going forward vaccinated players could enjoy more benefits at tournaments than unvaccinated players.

"Yeah, I mean, over the next few months things are going to probably end up changing quite a bit. I know the conversations with regards to the Australian Open and stuff are already happening. The players that have been vaccinated are going to potentially be able to - well, they're going to be having very different conditions to players who are not vaccinated," Murray said at the US Open.

"Yeah, I can see it's going to become an issue over the coming months. If tournaments are going to go ahead and be held like the Aussie Open, a lot of the tour is not vaccinated, but for them to go ahead and host it, they're going to be, year, allowing the players that have had the vaccination to train and move freely between the hotel and stuff, potentially not having to quarantine and things like that."