Paul Annacone: It'll be pretty scary when Carlos Alcaraz fully unlocks his potential

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Paul Annacone: It'll be pretty scary when Carlos Alcaraz fully unlocks his potential

Renowned tennis coach Paul Annacone sees lots of potential in Carlos Alcaraz as he believes that it could get pretty scare once the 18-year-old fully unlocks his potential. Alcaraz, who just turned 18 a few months ago, recently won his maiden ATP title in Umag and claimed the biggest win of his career at the US Open after stunning world No.

3 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the third round. Annacone has coached some of the biggest names of the game, having had stints with Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. "When you see somebody at 18 who can hit the ball that big already off both sides and moves that well, it's close to unique," Annacone told The New York Times.

"To me, his backhand is actually better than his forehand. He misses his forehand. It's huge, but he misses it. He doesn't miss the backhand much at all. Sometimes I wonder, and I don't mean this in a bad way, whether someone who plays like that is really fearless or just doesn't any have tennis IQ yet.

That's the unknown, but if you look at the kid's tools, once he understands how to open up the court and use short angles and realize he doesn't need to blast everything, it will be pretty scary."

Alcaraz was praised by Tsitsipas

"He can be a contender for Grand Slam titles,” Tsitsipas said of Alcaraz after the loss.

“He has the game to be there. “[His] ball speed was incredible. I've never seen someone hit the ball so hard. [It] took time to adjust. [It] took time to kind of develop my game around his game style. It's one of these matches and one of these feelings where you pick up [your level] at some point of the match, you feel like you're in control, and it doesn't really go your way at the end.

“It's kind of bitter, especially after such an incredible fourth set by my side, dominating, being just so aggressive, not dwelling on the past. It was a great fourth set. I felt like he played the fifth one completely the way he played the first set basically, careless, going for every single shot. I have never seen someone play such a good fifth set, honestly."