Barbora Krejcikova speaks highly of Aryna Sabalenka following US Open defeat

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Barbora Krejcikova speaks highly of Aryna Sabalenka following US Open defeat

World No. 9 Barbora Krejcikova felt tired and exhausted against Aryna Sabalenka but didn't want to take anything from the Belarusian. Sabalenka, seeded at No. 2, saw off Krejcikova 6-1 6-4 to make the US Open semifinal. "I think just Aryna, she was playing well.

She's in such a good shape. She's just playing pretty good tennis. That's what she did today," Krejcikova said after the match. "I mean, I was just trying to do my best. I was fighting. I mean, I wish the match was longer, but that's tennis.

That's how it is. "I mean, overall I see this tournament very positive."

Krejcikova has had exhausting couple of months

Krejcikova has played over 100 matches this year in singles and doubles combined. Krejcikova is enjoying success in both competitions as she is ranked at No.

9 in singles and No. 3 in doubles, respectively. "I mean, it was difficult. I mean, the tank is empty. I mean, just so many matches. The season is really long. It just got to me," Krejcikova noted. "I don't really want to say -- I just don't want to take the match from Aryna because she was just playing really well.

Yeah, I mean, the tank is empty. I was just fighting for every single ball. There is not much I can say. Last couple of days and nights, they've been really difficult with everything that happened. "It's a part of the process. I just have to learn from it and just keep going." Krejcikova desperately needs some rest but the season is far from over.

"Yeah, at some point for sure I got to stop, I got to rest. I mean, it's really hard to say right now because there are just still so many tournaments coming up. I mean, I have to find a good schedule," Krejcikova noted.

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