Aryna Sabalenka explains what has been most impressive thing about Leylah Fernandez

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Aryna Sabalenka explains what has been most impressive thing about Leylah Fernandez

World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka feels everything is going Leylah Fernandez's way this US Open but acknowledged that the Canadian has been able to deliver some great tennis. Sabalenka, who entered the match as the favorite, failed to reach her maiden Grand Slam semifinal as world Noo.

73 Fernandez claimed a 7-6 (3) 4-6 6-4 win. "I would say that she's -- I don't know. Seems like in these two weeks, everything working well for her. Like this is nothing to lose. People are here supporting her like she's kind of on the top of the situation.

She's staying, like, on the baseline, hitting I would say sometimes crazy shots and everything is going in. I would say, like, everything is going her way, yeah," Sabalenka said, when asked what's been the most impressive things about Fernandez.

"But she's really aggressive and she's staying on the baseline, hitting the ball, taking the ball pretty early, making you move so you would be always out of the position. Today I couldn't make her move as I wanted, yeah."

Sabalenka wants to see how will Fernandez perform when there's expectation

"Well, now there is no pressure on her at all. Crowd are here for her. You kind of feeling this crush and you're using it, hitting the ball, don't really thinking, everything is going in.

This is nice kind of feeling. I felt it before. This is cool," Sabalenka added. "But the question is when you will start to understand what's going on and where you are, how good can you deal with all these expectations and all this level, all this pressure.

"For now she's playing well. It was a tight match. I was doing everything. I can say that I gave it all today. Of course I could do better. Of course, I had a lot of opportunities. But it is how it is. I have to learn from this and move on. "But yeah, now she's like top-10 player. We'll see how good she will be in the future."