Joe Salisbury, Rajeev Ram 'shocked' after winning US Open men's doubles title


Joe Salisbury, Rajeev Ram 'shocked' after winning US Open men's doubles title

Great Britain's Joe Salisbury admitted he and Rajeev Ram felt "shocked" after winning the US Open title. Salisbury and Ram, seeded at No. 4, recovered from a set down to beat No. 7 seeds Murray and Soares 3-6 6-2 6-2 in the US Open final.

"Well, my thoughts right now is that, yeah, just pretty happy with that win. Yeah, I think we're still just a bit in shock of what we've just achieved," Salisbury said after the final. "But, yeah, just really happy with how we performed, everything we did out there.

We didn't play a great first set. We found it tough, the conditions. It was my first time playing on Ashe. It was really tough with the sun and the shade. It was kind of one half of the court was in sun, one half in shade. We were struggling to see the ball well.

Obviously they dealt with that better than we did. "Yeah, we didn't panic. Yeah, it got a little bit easier I think. We obviously got a lot better. Yeah, I think we played really well the second and third set. Yeah, just really happy with that,"

Salisbury insists there is no rivalry between him and Murray

After the final, Salisbury was asked if there was a different dimension to the final since he was playing fellow compatriot Murray.

"No, I don't think so. I mean, I think before we played, everyone was just feeling like it was great that there were two Brits in the final. Obviously there was going to be a British winner whatever happened," Salisbury said.

"Yeah, if we hadn't won that, it had been them, I would be happy it was two great guys. I would have been really happy for them. Obviously be great, yeah, for British tennis to have a winner. "Yeah, to be honest, I didn't feel much different the fact that it was him across the net."

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