McEnroe: "Novak Djokovic can beat Margaret Court's record"

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McEnroe: "Novak Djokovic can beat Margaret Court's record"

Novak Djokovic is now two races from history and in a few hours he will try to reach the final of the US Open 2021, a tournament that in case of victory would allow him to carry out the Calendar Grand Slam, the victory of all four Slams in the same year.

never managed to a tennis player during the Open era. On his path, however, there is the worst possible opponent, the German tennis player Alexander Zverev. The two recently challenged each other at the Olympics and Sascha has extinguished the Serbian champion's hopes of gold.

He too is in a state of grace and has returned from 16 consecutive victories. Former American tennis star John McEnroe spoke about Novak Djokovic's chance of winning Grand Slams, speaking in an interview with Tennis Now.

McEnroe's words about Novak Djokovic

John exalted the Serbian champion by making the following statements and talking about the fact that Djokovic wants and can beat Margaret Court's record of 24 Slams. Here are his words: "Novak wants to break the Court record.

He is still very competitive and can win two to four Grand Slams a year, I think he conserves physical and mental energy for the final stages of the tournament, we are talking about a human being but I see that at the moment he has no signs of fatigue or weakness.

. The last three sets against Berrettini were the best of the whole tournament. Grand Slam? I already said in Wimbledon, actually before Wimbledon, that Novak was going to win the Grand Slam. I felt that he was going to lose the Olympics, especially because of the question of playing two sets out of three and the absence of fans, but he can do it.

I know it's difficult, if it hasn't been done for over 50 years there will be a reason, let's see how it will handle the pressure. It's time to make history. In the final I think the public will cheer for Nole, anyone in the stands wants to participate in history and they know that Nole can achieve something historical."