Cori Gauff: I don't regret throwing racquet but I regret that it almost hit kid

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Cori Gauff: I don't regret throwing racquet but I regret that it almost hit kid

Rising American star Cori Gauff, 17, admitted she was disappointed after losing the US Open women's doubles final with fellow compatriot Caty McNally. Gauff and McNally fell just short of winning it all at the US Open as Sam Stosur and Shuai Zhang claimed a three set win 6-3 3-6 6-3.

Gauff gave credit to Stosur and Zhang, saying they played a great match. "Obviously not the result that we wanted, but we were there. I think the match was decided within, like, three or four points. I think for next time we know how to do better on those points I guess," Gauff said.

"Our opponents, Shuai and Sam, played a great match. There's a reason why they've both had a couple Grand Slams, great results in Grand Slams. "Hopefully next time we can play them in a final and we'll be on a different situation."

Gauff showed frustration

Gauff was visibly frustrated and one her racquets thrown almost hit a kid in the stands. Gauff didn't regret throwing the racquet but she regretted that it almost hit a kid. "I mean, I lost a Grand Slam final.

There's nothing else to say. Just disappointment. I didn't mean for the racquet to go as it did, but I did throw it. Probably not the best behavior on my side," Gauff said. "But I don't think there's any explanation I can do for the frustration.

I mean, we had our chances. I knew that. I think the crowd knew that. Yeah, I don't mean to do that in the moment, but I let my emotions take over. "I kind of don't regret it. I only regret the racquet went so far and almost hit the kid.

He was fine. I gave it to him. I actually spoke to him before the match, and he's fine. Yeah, I think I was just frustrated for losing a Grand Slam final."