Sharapova: "Naomi Osaka needs to be supported"

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Sharapova: "Naomi Osaka needs to be supported"

"I didn't play that well and it was like I wasn't moving at all. Honestly, his serve didn't seem as troubling as the baseline shots. I'm pretty sure my stats were pretty awful on the rest. I would have preferred to play.

In fact. I had never won a Grand Slam by not facing a rival, so it was weird. I feel like I can't and I'm not sure what to say about how I played. When I win, I don't feel happy, but mostly relieved. When I lose, however, I feel very sad.

Clearly this is not normal. I honestly don't know when I'm going to play my next tennis match. I think I'll take a break for a while." With these words Naomi Osaka commented on her defeat at the US Open 2021 with the eventual finalist, the young Canadian Leylah Fernandez, putting many doubts on her future in the short term.

Barring sensational twists, at least in 2022, she should be back on the court to defend the title at the Australian Open, but before her the Japanese will have to find some answers that she obviously still lacks.

Sharapova: "Naomi Osaka needs to be supported"

On everything that happened from Roland Garros onwards, Maria Sharapova also expressed herself.

The former tennis player and former world number one retired at the beginning of 2020 and gave an interview in which she talks about her new life after tennis courts, but also about tennis of today, also talking about the problems of Naomi Osaka and the mental health issue.

She said: "We should all support athletes going through tough times. Naomi Osaka is an incredible tennis player and a fantastic human being who has a bright future ahead of her. You have to respect the decision she made in a time of vulnerability.

People don't know. what happens behind the scenes and they don't know how players feel because they only look at their idols on the pitch The more support we give them, the better they will feel and the better they will play.

On difficult days, a person has to be present at the press conferences, you have to stay professional and talk about the game. However, it is a question of establishing certain rules because each person is different and what is sensitive to one may not be sensitive to another.

About her life after tennis, Sharapova said: "I wanted to experience and explore the world from another perspective. Before I went to a city and thought only about the sporting aspect. I thought about the tournament and when it finished I packed my bags to go to the next one. place. I didn't have much time to visit the places and understand their true meaning."