Andrew Richardson: "Emma Raducanu's strength is her mentality"

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Andrew Richardson: "Emma Raducanu's strength is her mentality"

At the US Open 2021, Emma Raducanu experienced an authentic two-week triumphal ride, managing to go all the way and win the title of the last Grand Slam of the season. The English girl surprised everyone with her performance, and perhaps even herself, and she fulfilled a dream at the single age of 18-years-old- In the final she had to deal with a peer of her age, as well as her friend, Leylah Fernandez, who, however, did not worry the victory of the Toronto native for the form not at the top, mainly due to a more difficult draw at the level of players faced.

In reaching these important goals, it is necessary to always have a solid psychophysical condition, an aspect that the tennis player born in 2002 never abandoned during the New York competition, very good at not giving even a set to her opponents throughout the tournament, starting even from the qualifications.

Raducanu's coach talked about her players' strenght

Her coach Andrew Richardson was interviewed by the BBC on the evolution of her athlete in the second half of the year, who had reached the round of 16 at Wimbledon before arriving in America for the tournaments on hard-courts.

On the future, he said: "We haven't had any conversations about it yet. I'm sure when we get back to England, we'll sit down and evaluate the plans, so we'll see. Moments like this don't happen every day, so I'll enjoy them, as you will surely do."

He also added: "From my point of view, Emma's great strength is her mentality. I am one of those who believe that everything starts in the head. She showed great strength on this journey, enormous resilience."

Then he concluded: "Her ability to face adversity and to compete is always the hub from which everything starts. I have known her since she was very young and she has always shown it. Emma's mindset cannot be trained.

Much of it is her parents' fault. Much of her recognition is due to them. Her strength is truly special."