Coach Gilles Cervara: Daniil Medvedev can't win 2022 French Open

Medvedev has stated many times that he is not a fan of clay courts.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Gilles Cervara: Daniil Medvedev can't win 2022 French Open

Coach Gilles Cervara doesn't believe that Daniil Medvedev can win the French Open next year but he believes he could win it all at Wimbledon. Medvedev, ranked at No. 2 in the world, has been vocal of how much me dislikes clay.

However, Medvedev managed to put up a solid run at this year's French Open, making his first quarterfinal at the tournament. "Roland-Garros, I say no. Wimbledon, I say yes," Cervara told Tennis Majors, when asked could Medvedev win the French Open.

Cervara says Medvedev has made some progress but he can't guarantee that his clay court issues are behind them. "On the tennis front, yes, but the stake on this surface, in his case, 80%, lies in the approach. I still cannot guarantee that his problems in approaching the clay courts are behind us" Cervara added.

Cervara reacts to Medvedev winning his maiden Grand Slam title

Medvedev captured his maiden Grand Slam title after beating Novak Djokovic in the US Open final. "I want to answer this question with the same words that I used after his first trophy on the ATP circuit, his first Masters 1000 success: it’s a stage.

This step has greater scope, of course. With a Grand Slam, you almost enter the Pantheon, even if it’s almost ridiculous compared to 20 majors (absolute record co-held by Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, editor’s note)," Cervara said.

"It was an indescribable emotion. I do not have the words to express it, I have an image, it is that I spontaneously raised both arms and looked up to the sky, with an incredible feeling of joy that made me think of the images of Les Yeux Dans les Bleus of 1998, when Team France won the soccer World Cup.

I grew up with it. These images fueled my quest for performance and victory. How many times have I been able to view it? For once, I didn’t live it in the imagination, but in the flesh."

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