Tim Henman: "Emma Raducanu has changed UK perspectives"

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Tim Henman: "Emma Raducanu has changed UK perspectives"

Emma Raducanu is the star of the moment in the world of tennis and as fair as it is she is taking the stage these days. The very young 18-years-old British girl won the US Open 2021 starting from the qualifiers (the first in history) and conquered the American Grand Slam offering great tennis and without losing a single set.

In Britain, people is now in a frenzy over her new darling and all they do is talk about her future. Speaking on the Today program on Radio Four, former English tennis champion Tim Henman discussed the future of Emma, ​​a rising star destined to make British tennis history.

Here are his statements: "What was amazing was the pace Emma had at 18-years-old. The level of tennis she played was incredible. Pressure? Pressure is something that tennis inflicts itself on itself but she is. managed very well and seems to be able to do it even as the tournaments progress, but it is also very exciting for all of us because we can follow the journey."

Henman and what Raducanu brings to British tennis

Speaking about what Raducanu can bring to British tennis, Henman continued: "For British tennis and national sport, Raducanu's victory has changed the outlook and what has happened in the last three weeks has led to the tennis landscape having different perspectives.

points of view." Henman continued: "I have been around for a long time in this sport and from this I can understand whether or not a tennis player is a flash in the pan, she is a real star and I believe she will win more events like that in the future, I am convinced.

Raducanu will be a superstar of this sport and an incredible model for little boys and girls." Raducanu also made statements after her incredible victory and repeatedly declared that she was incredulous in front of this success, a victory for her as unexpected for everyone. Emma was also among the sports stars at the New York Mets Gala, at the Metropolitan Museum, just after her US Open wins.