John Isner: Laver Cup is highlight of my year

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John Isner: Laver Cup is highlight of my year

Former world No. 8 John Isner says playing at the Laver Cup a highlight of his year. Isner, 36, participated at the inaugural edition of the Laver Cup in 2017. Isner took part in the first three Laver Cup editions. Last year, the Laver Cup was canceled.

The Laver Cup is set to return this year and Isner is set to take part in the event. "None of us really knew what to expect that first year in Prague, but it was one of the most incredible weeks and is now a highlight of my year," Isner said, per the Laver Cup website.

"To be on a team with guys we’re normally competing against is so different and so much fun. “We come together so well as a group, the chemistry is awesome and it’s such a great environment to be part of”.

Isner wasn't surprised by his successful summer

Isner, now ranked at No. 22 in the world, didn't have many meaningful results in the first six months of the season. Isner won the Atlanta Open, while he made the semifinals at Toronto Masters and Los Cabos.

Throughout his career, Isner has played well during the summer hard court swing. "I don't really feel like it's that far-fetched for me. It's definitely the time of year that I like. You know, I didn't have a good Wimbledon.

I didn't play any grass court warmups. That was on purpose;" Isner said. "I just wanted to take my shot at Wimbledon and see what would happen. Didn't go well. Lost first round. That was a bitter pill to swallow, for sure.

"After Wimbledon, I had some, you know, more time off to, I guess, stew over that loss. But the one thing I did was take care of myself, worked hard, got myself healthy and fit. I have been playing well ever since."