Apostolos Tsitsipas: Stefanos Tsitsipas dealing with foot injury for quite some time

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Apostolos Tsitsipas: Stefanos Tsitsipas dealing with foot injury for quite some time

Apostolos Tsitsipas revealed that Stefanos Tsitsipas has been bothered by a foot injury for quite some time and they decided the best solution was to take a 15-day break. World No. 3 Tsitsipas was scheduled to play at this week's Davis Cup tie versus Lithuania but he pulled out due to a foot injury.

Tsitsipas last played at the US Open, where he made the third round before losing to Carlos Alcaraz. "This foot injury has been present throughout the US tour, including the US Open. We tried to find solutions so that he could play with this pain, but it was also decided that a period of 15 days of rest was needed after this uncomfortable period.

That day, he was able to hit the ball normally for half an hour. Very soon, he will make official his schedule for the end of the season," Apostolos said.

Tsitsipas struggled during the early days of the pandemic

"I never imagined going through something in my life like a pandemic,” Tsistipas said.

"Now I am in a better state mentally, I was not in the beginning. It’s all about adaptation; that’s how I see it. Once you adapt to your conditions, then the human brain and body have this ability to adapt to any circumstance and in any way.

“Personally, I struggled a lot with this. I never imagined that it would affect me so much, in a way that I hadn’t seen coming." Tsitsipas now sees positive improvements "Now I am confident,” Tsitsipas added.

“Right now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel; things are improving. It’s so nice to finally see a solution and make our day-to-day lives much easier and have better access to different types of things that bring happiness and joy. Things are looking better, and things look a lot better on the ATP Tour."