Emma Raducanu inspired her parents work ethic

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Emma Raducanu inspired her parents work ethic

Emma Raducanu has it all: she is strong, she is mentally solid, she has a great future ahead, she is young and beautiful. In the UK they already celebrate her as the new star of British sports, and with good reason they do.

Emma won the US Open 2021 at 18years-old starting from the qualifiers and not losing a single set. Crazy. Emma, ​​British, is the daughter of Renee and Ian Raducanu, she of Chinese origin, he Romanian. Jane Frayer, on the Mail Online, gives an insight into the life of the parents of the new US Open champion.

Renee and Ian Raducanu may not have been able to obtain crucial visas to see their only daughter make history at the US Open, but now history is made. Renee and Ian did everything in their power to support, protect and inspire Emma in an incredibly stressful and competitive world that so often brings out the worst in families.

Emma Raducanu inspired her parents work ethic

Emma's parents met in Canada, where Emma was born, but she moved to the UK when she was two. They pushed their only child not just in tennis, but ballet, horse-riding, swimming, table tennis, go-karting and even motocross.

In the article on the Mail Online we can read how for Renee school work was always just as important as the tennis. It was crucial that Emma had something to fall back on. While Renee managed Emma's education, Ian has been the driving force behind her tennis.

Emma credits her mother as the source of her extraordinary self-confidence and focus. She said: "My mum comes from a Chinese background - they have very good self-belief. It’s not necessarily about telling everyone how good you are, but it’s about believing it within yourself."

About his father di lei, Emma added: "My Dad's definitely very tough to please, but I managed to today!" Emma Raducanu became the first tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament starting from qualifiers.

The very young British tennis player did it even without losing even a partial in the ten games played at the US Open, for a total of twenty sets won and zero lost. The records signed by Raducanu are so numerous, that it is impossible not to think about the future and all the results that the player born in 2002 could achieve during her career.