Alexander Zverev 'honored' to represent Team Europe at Laver Cup

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Alexander Zverev 'honored' to represent Team Europe at Laver Cup

German tennis star Alexander Zverev feels honored to be a member of Team Europe at the Laver Cup. Zverev, 24, played in the first three editions of the Laver Cup. The Laver Cup was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the Laver Cup returns and Zverev is once again set to feature at the event. "I feel honored to be part of Team Europe for the Laver Cup once again,” Zverev said, per the Laver Cup website. “I have so many incredible memories from the event and particularly that final match in Geneva in 2019”.

Zverev last played at the US Open

Zverev made the US Open semifinal, before losing to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in five sets. "It was a great battle. Kind of a little bit disappointed with the start of the fifth set. To be honest, apart from that, it was a good match.

I think we both left it all out there," Zverev said. "Yeah, I mean, the second break in the fifth set was so ridiculously unlucky that it sometimes happen. But he's No. 1 in the world for a reason and he showed that tonight." Djokovic started the fifth set with back-to-back breaks and there was no coming back from Zverev.

"Look, we didn't give each other anything, so that naturally happens. It was a set point, as well. Physically, to be honest, I felt fine. I felt okay. I felt like I could have played on," Zverev noted. "What was in the match, yeah, the fifth set, the beginning, I played not great.

The second break, as I said, was extremely unlucky I thought. But one thing that was very good from him is how he served on break points. I mean, most of the time I didn't have a chance. That was the big difference tonight. "I feel like every time it was an important moment, he came out with massive serves. Yeah, didn't go into the rally."

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