Venus Williams: I was so happy to meet Maria Sharapova at Met Gala

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Venus Williams: I was so happy to meet Maria Sharapova at Met Gala
Venus Williams: I was so happy to meet Maria Sharapova at Met Gala (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Former world No. 1 Venus Williams was delighted to see Maria Sharapova at the Met Gala. Williams wished Sharapova was still playing and she told the Russian she missed her. Sharapova retired at the beginning of the 2020 season, while Williams and her sister Serena Williams are still active.

"We were saying with my sister that we would like Maria to still be playing on the tour, and then we saw her at the gala. We were so happy to see each other again, we hugged, laughed, remembered anecdotes and told her we missed her on the court.

Then we took the photo. The moral of this story is that even though we fought furiously on the court, years later we still respect each other. And Maria, if you want to come back, do it, because I and my sister care about you," Williams said.

Sharapova showed support for Naomi Osaka

Osaka has been speaking about her mental health since the French Open. After the French Open, Osaka took a two-month break to focus on her mental health. After losing in the US Open third round, Osaka broke down in tears and announced she would take another break.

Sharapova thinks Osaka is a good person and she wishes her nothing but the best. "We all need to be incredbily supportive of athletes who are going through tough times in their careers. Naomi is an incredbile athlete and a beautiful human being, who has a very long career ahead of her," Shapovalov said of Osaka.

"We all need to respect the decisions that players make at times of vulnerability, when they're feeling down or not playing their best tennis. To be honest, not many people know what's going on behind-the-scenes and how players feel.

You only see the tennis game and what happens on the court. "The more support that we can provide, the better they will be and the better that they will play."

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