Stefanos Tsitsipas changes vaccine views: I will take dose this year

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Stefanos Tsitsipas changes vaccine views: I will take dose this year

Greek tenis star Stefanos Tsitsipas has revealed that he is planning to take the COVID-19 vaccine this year. Tsitsipas, 23, expressed reluctance about taking the vaccine last month but how he is ready to take the jab. "It will certainly happen this year,” Tsitsipas said in an interview with Antenna TV.

Asked if he would get vaccinated so that he could get back to a normal social life, Tsitsipas responded: “Yes, this is the reason”. Last month, Tsitsipas said he wanted to see a better version of the vaccine.

"I am not a doctor; I am a tennis player,” Tsitsipas said, “so I may not have the most substantiated opinion when it comes to medical issues”.

Tsitsipas' comments angered the Greek government

"The COVID-19 vaccine has not been tested enough because it is new and has some side effects.

I know some people who've had them. I'm not against it, I just see no reason for someone in my age group to be vaccinated [yet]," Tsitsipas said in August. "For us young people I think it's good to pass the virus because we'll build immunity.

I don't see it as something bad. As I said, it isn't obligatory, everyone has freedom to decide for themselves what's right & what's not. "At some point we should all do it, I'm not saying the opposite.

The time will come when we will not be given many options, but until then I want to see a better version of the vaccine that gives us more pluses than minuses." The Greek government wasn't a fan of Tsitsipas' views and comments.

"He has neither the knowledge, nor the studies, nor the research work, that would allow him to form an opinion about it," government spokesman Giannis Economou said while responding to Tsitsipas' comments. Tsitsipas last played at the US Open, where he suffered a third round loss.