Emma Raducanu: Watching US Open final was more stressful to me than playing it

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Emma Raducanu: Watching US Open final was more stressful to me than playing it

Emma Raducanu, 18, admits she still gets random bursts where it feels surreal that she is a Grand Slam champion. Raducanu became the first qualifier ever to win a Grand Slam after beating Leylah Fernandez in the US Open final.

"It's funny because sometimes I'll just have random bursts where I'm like, 'oh my god, I just won the US Open!'.. It's a strange feeling to comprehend, but watching the match last night helped it sink in," Raducanu told Sky News.

Raducanu revealed she felt more stressed watching her final than playing in it. "I just really wanted to let the moment sink in and I thought that would help... But watching is definitely more stressful than playing because you feel like you have control at least when you're playing," Raducanu claimed.

"When you're watching you have no control, but it was really cool to be able to relive some of those moments. "And at the end I saw my slide when I fell and it was quite long - and I impressed myself with that in slow motion."

Raducanu explained the final moments of the final

"Yeah, of course having match point on Leylah's serve, it was for me, even in that service game, I was just thinking it was a bonus because she was serving. She's allowed to play good points because she's a great player," Raducanu explained.

"I had a chance with a forehand midcourt. I went for it. That's what got me into that position to have a match point. I went for it again and misfired. "When I was serving for it, I faced two breakpoints I think.

The match point, I don't think I made one serve that wide in the whole match, to be honest. I was, like, If I'm going to make it, this is going to be the time (smiling). "I literally drove my legs up to that ball toss like never before. Yeah, I landed it. Just disbelief, trying to take everything in, all the moment."