Emma Raducanu: Cool to meet Lewis Hamilton, he is such an inspiration

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Emma Raducanu: Cool to meet Lewis Hamilton, he is such an inspiration

US Open champion Emma Raducanu absolutely enjoyed meeting Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton. Speaking of meeting Hamilton, Raducanu told Sky News: "It was really cool just to speak to him after everything he's achieved, he's such a great inspiration."

Rising British star Raducanu follows Form1 and supports British drivers. "In Formula One I love watching all the Brits - Lando, George as well. They're all really cool to be flying the flag high for Great Britain," Raducanu revealed.

Raducanu described winning the US Open as an 'absolute dream'

Raducanu collected her maiden Grand Slam title after beating Leylah Fernandez in the US Open final. "I mean, it's an absolute dream. You just have visions of yourself going up to the box, hugging everyone, I mean, celebrating.

That's something that you always think of, you always work for," Raducanu said. "For that moment to actually happen, yeah, I'm just so grateful for my team that are here with me, the team that are back home, the LTA, every single person who supported me along this journey."

Raducanu always dreamed of winning a Grand Slam but when it happened she couldn't believe it. "Yeah, the visions I had, they were from pretty early on, I would say. I've always dreamed of winning a Grand Slam.

You just say these things. You say, I want to win a Grand Slam. But to have the belief I did, and actually executing, winning a Grand Slam, I can't believe it," Raducanu noted. "I first started when I was a little girl, but I think the biggest thing that you have visions of is, for me it was just winning, the winning moment, and going to celebrate with your team in the box, trying to find your way up to the box, just seeing them after the match. That's been playing in my head, like, a couple nights. Like I've fallen asleep to that (smiling)."