Bubanj: "The Tokyo Olympics cost Novak Djokovic the Grand Slam"

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Bubanj: "The Tokyo Olympics cost Novak Djokovic the Grand Slam"
Bubanj: "The Tokyo Olympics cost Novak Djokovic the Grand Slam" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Novak Djokovic lost the most important game of his career at the 2021 US Open. If he had managed to clinch the last Slam of the season, the world number 1 would have achieved the Grand Slam and ended the debate on the greatest ever.

Unfortunately, the Serbian champion paid a heavy price for the fatigue accumulated in the previous months, surrendering clearly to Daniil Medvedev in the last act. The 34-year-old from Belgrade also had to postpone overtaking Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the all-time rankings of the Majors.

At this point, it is legitimate to wonder if Nole will return to the field in 2021. Djokovic is registered for the Indian Wells Masters 1000 and is already qualified for the ATP Finals in Turin, but it would not be surprising if he decided to stay away from the circuit until the start.

next season. The Australian Open 2022 could be the ideal place for Novak's return, who would have time to recharge his batteries after a very tiring and successful year. In a recent interview granted to Sputnik, Goran Bubanj, former selector of the Serbian Davis Cup team,analyzed in detail the 2021 of the Serb.

Djokovic lost the most important match of his career

He said: "The main dilemma for Novak Djokovic this year was whether or not he will compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Clearly it is easy to speak with hindsight, but some evaluations should be made.

Participating in the Games was a big mistake from every point of view. He lost his chance to rest at that juncture and prepare for the US Open, which was by far the most important tournament of his career. He will win more Grand Slams than all of them in the men's Tour, but I doubt he will be able to win four in the same season." A judgment on the final in New York could not be missing: "Nole immediately realized that he did not have the necessary pace to take her home.

He has gone down to the net many times, perhaps even Roger Federer would not have adopted such an aggressive tactic. At the same time, it was clear that he had no idea how to run that game."

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