Jordi Arrese on Carlos Alcaraz's great future in tennis

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Jordi Arrese on Carlos Alcaraz's great future in tennis

He amazed everyone with his tennis in the last prestigious appointment of the 2021 season, beating tough opponents who were also determined to get to the bottom of the New York competition. At the US Open Carlos Alcaraz showed the American public and obviously the whole world what he is capable of doing and showed how in the near future he will also be fighting alongside the other players on the ATP circuit.

The talented and very young Spaniard went up to the quarter-finals of the event, only stopped by a physical problem that forced him to leave the pitch prematurely in the match with Auger-Aliassime, causing the bank to jump several times in the first rounds: after the fearsome Brit Norrie overtaken as if nothing had happened, the Murcia native put on a show on Arthur Ashe with No.

3 head Stefanos Tsitsipas, who eventually surrendered in the decisive fifth set. That victory made all the fans and estimators of the 18-year-old excited, who aims to get even further and will try to get close to the top 20 in the standings in the coming months.

The words of Arrese

To exalt and speak of the tennis player born in 2003 was Jordi Arrese, former of the category that boasts 6 titles in his career (he occupied the 23rd position of the ranking), in an interview with

On the test at Flushing Meadows: "he did a spectacular tournament, he had a duel with Tsitsipas physically and mentally bestial, then he was exhausted" Going on, he also stated: "I have known him since he was 11 years old.

He is an extraordinary player, and he will be very good, but he still has to improve especially in the best of five sets matches." "Carlos shows a lot of intensity, he plays almost all the points like this and ends up paying him.

But don't be impatient with him. In two years he will have had more experience and will already be able to do great things," he added. Similarities with Rafael Nadal, the opinion of Arrese: "He is Carlos Alcaraz, without comparison, even if he can bear them without pressure," he concluded.