Mark Philippoussis: I was spending money lavishly because I would get bored

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Mark Philippoussis: I was spending money lavishly because I would get bored

Former Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis couldn't believe he didn't have a clothing contract after an outstanding 2003 season. In 2003, Philippoussis ended runner-up at Wimbledon and won the Davis Cup with Australia.

Somehow, Philippoussis found himself without a clothing contract at the start of the next season. After suffering a tough injury, the competitive flame inside Philippoussis died out. “After my third knee surgery … I was in a wheelchair for three months and crutches for a couple of months and they said I’ll never play professional tennis again,” Philippoussis said during his appearance on SAS Australia.

“That drove me – I came back and had my strongest year. “I just had the best year. I just won Davis Cup for the second time – how can I not have a clothing contract? “My thought was, ‘F**k you’.

But instead of saying, ‘F**k you’, I went the opposite and my passion withered. I just felt beaten up. “And I knew what it’d take and I thought, ‘Do I wanna be there again?’ And I didn’t”.

Philippoussis was buying stuff hoping it would make him happy

Philippoussis experienced distractions and emptiness on the Tour and he was desperate to find something that would fulfill him and make him happy. Philippoussis was buying new cars regularly because he would get bored and there were times where he considered himself an idiot.

“I was (buying new) cars because I would get bored. Or I’d watch this new movie Bad Boys (and see) they got the new Porsche turbo, and you’d call up your agent to find me the new Porsche turbo,” he said.

“That’s how ridiculous it was. “So, the prize money doesn’t make you happier but it ends up becoming the new norm. “Sometimes now I just shake my head and laugh and think, ‘What an idiot’”.