Bollettieri on what Emma Raducanu and Roger Federern have in common

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Bollettieri on what Emma Raducanu and Roger Federern have in common

The US Open 2021 gave the tennis world the chance to admire, cheer and appreciate new talent. From the men's draw, for example, the star of Carlos Alcaraz shone, placing himself on world number 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas. Emma Raducanu, in the women's one, has even placed the coup by winning the trophy.

The very young British player against all odds was able to reach the final and win it coming from the qualifiers and, moreover, without losing a single set. A crazy feat for the 18-year-old, who, thanks to the triumph of Flushing Meadows, made a leap in the ranking of 127 positions (from one hundred and fifty to twenty-third).

But what was the focus of her success? Nick Bollettieri, former coach of Andre Agassi, tried to explain this in an interview granted to

Bollettieri: "Raducanu? Footwork the basis of her success"

The editorial team tried to provide tennis fans with an explanation of Emma Raducanu’s extraordinary success and did so with the help of Nick Bollettieri.

The Italian-American coach - who led the likes of Courier, Sampras, Agassi, Sharapova, Williams, just to name a few - has identified the keystone for the young British in the game with her feet: "Emma fa all the basics well, but his remarkable footwork was captivating.

This is the basis of everything else." By way of example, in order to make the idea even clearer, Bollettieri identified in this fundamental a point of contact between Raducanu and an illustrious interpreter of sport: Roger Federer.

Watching the game with the feet of the Swiss champion, however, is no small feat. Indeed, according to Bollettieri it is necessary to watch it in slow motion for how fast it is. Surely a note of enormous value for the 18-year-old English born in Toronto, who will now start again from number 23 in the ranking in search of new great goals to achieve. Her return to the court will most likely take place at the Indian Wells Masters 1000, starting on 6 October 2021.