Roddick: "I'm jealous of Roger Federer, but only for..."

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Roddick: "I'm jealous of Roger Federer, but only for..."

Longevity has allowed Roger Federer to become an example for colleagues from other disciplines as well. The Swiss champion stood out for his flawless behavior on and off the court, having helped spread the popularity of tennis in every corner of the globe.

The 20-times Grand Slam champion has had a tough time over the past two years, not being able to play continuously due to repeated physical problems. Those to the knee almost forced him to retire, a hypothesis that the Swiss Maestro has always decided to firmly discard.

Not even the last relapse during the grass season has dampened Roger's love for tennis, leading him to undergo his third operation in the last year and a half. The hope is to see him back in action in 2022, in order to worthily end an almost unrepeatable career.

As part of the documentary UNTOLD: Breaking Point, focusing on Mardy Fish's career and available on Netflix, former ATP Number 1 Andy Roddick pointed out that Federer was the main reason that prevented American players from winning as much as they would have deserved.

Roddick pays tribute to Roger Federer

Roddick explained: "The Roger Federer of the golden days was the best player ever on both the defensive and offensive levels. It was literally impossible to find a hole to hurt him.

We are talking about one of the most loved athletes ever at a universal level. He speaks a lot of tongues, his hair is always in order and he doesn't drop a sweat while he plays. I've never been jealous of his success.

I am still surprised today how easily he is able to handle the weight of his GOAT status." The subsequent explosion of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic certainly did not help the other tennis players. The former American champions then added: “It had become a gigantic effort to try to beat those three phenomena.

This concept also applies today, albeit to a lesser extent. We American players received a lot of criticism during that time. However, my father instilled in me the military mentality that - when you get a punch on the chin - you always have to get up. I had to do it several times during my career."