John Isner: Laver Cup atmosphere is absolutely electric, it makes you play very well

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John Isner: Laver Cup atmosphere is absolutely electric, it makes you play very well

American tennis star John Isner insists the Laver Cup is a special event and every participant is extremely motivated to do well at the event. Isner absolutely enjoys a team atmosphere and representing someone and that's why he is determined to deliver his best tennis a the Laver Cup- Team World's Isner and Denis Shapovalov will take on Matteo Berrettini and Alexander Zverev of Team Europe on the opening day.

"I have played four years of college tennis, it's very special. I've played a lot of Davis Cup. It's special when you play for more than just yourself. Eveyone would agree with that assessment also. To get to play in atmospheres like this in Prague, in Chicago, in Geneva...

the buildings were just absolutely electric. It makes you play very well. It's just something that you can't quite replicate every other day out on the Tour. We are going to cherish. It goes without saying that we are going to need this crowd to be on our side big time and we are looking forward to that," Isner said.

Isner enjoyed a good hard court summer

Isner won it all at the Atlanta Open, before he made the US Open quarterfinal. "I don't really feel like it's that far-fetched for me. It's definitely the time of year that I like.

You know, I didn't have a good Wimbledon. I didn't play any grass court warmups. That was on purpose;" Isner said. "I just wanted to take my shot at Wimbledon and see what would happen. Didn't go well. Lost first round.

That was a bitter pill to swallow, for sure. "After Wimbledon, I had some, you know, more time off to, I guess, stew over that loss. But the one thing I did was take care of myself, worked hard, got myself healthy and fit. I have been playing well ever since."