Jack Sock: I'm playing great tennis and I'm ready for whatever role at Laver Cup

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Jack Sock: I'm playing great tennis and I'm ready for whatever role at Laver Cup

Former world No. 8 Jack Sock is excited to be a part of the Laver Cup even as an alternate. Sock, now ranked at No. 164 in the world, was offered to be an alternate for Team World at the Laver Cup and deciding to go to the event was an easy decision for him.

"I'm injury free. Obviously I had an unfortunate way to go out of the US Open a few weeks ago. I'm playing great tennis, I love this event, whatever role I'm in I cherish this whole week. I've had my chance to play and be on the court.

To be the alternate and kind of a practice guy this week... Honestly it's a blast for me. Just being here with these guys, I like all of these guys a ton, just to be in this atmosphere, it was an easy decision for me to come and be a part of the team in any way I could," Sock said.

Sock hopes he could still achieve big things

Sock, 28, clinched a few notable wins at the US Open and expressed hope he could stiil do some big things in the game. "Everyone knows that road back is basically starting over.

I didn’t even have a number next to my name for a ranking. There was definitely a real conversation whether we were going to do this or not,” Sock said. “I’m happy with what I’ve done in my career.

I would say I’ve had a very successful career to this point, but we did feel there was still some, if not a lot left in the tank and a lot of good tennis still ahead of me. Maybe some of my best tennis is still ahead of me, so I’m just trying to prove that one week at a time, one match at a time.

“I was lost definitely there for a little bit, but very, very fortunate and blessed to have found my coach Bogie [Alex Bogomolov], my wife, I’m based in Charlotte now. I feel like we’ve got a good thing going."