Team World captain John McEnroe: All of us are very hungry and eager

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Team World captain John McEnroe: All of us are very hungry and eager

Team World captain John McEnroe is hoping that his team will finally beat Team Europe at the Laver Cup. Team Europe owns a dominant 3-0 record against Team World at the Laver Cup but McEnroe believes his team has what it takes to finally beat Team Europe.

"It's been so close every year, we could taste it. I know that all of us are very hungry and eager. We have got people that can take the racket out of their hands and that's the plan. Also, we have got some people that haven't been here before.

I think that combination gives us a good energy," McEnroe said.

Nick Kyrgios agrees with McEnroe

Kyrgios believes Team World has a chance at beating Team Europe for the first time this year. "Yeah, it's super special.

As John alluded to we love playing team events, we don't get them too often. To be sitting up here with a great group of guys -- especially I'm close to a lot of these guys here and new guys Reilly and Felix, I'm super excited for them, they're going to be in this even for many, many years to come.

I think this is our time. With the Big 3 from Europe sitting with injury and all that I think it's our best shot. We have got a job to do this week and I think we have got a great setup and great team to do it," Kyrgios said.

On the other side, Team Europe captain Bjorn Borg underlined his team will do everything it can to defend their title. "Every match has been very close since Prague. I don't think we have been lucky, but we have been handling the situation very well and that's what we are going to do this time too.

For sure, it is going to be very, very difficult. With a team like this, I'm happy to have this team and we are going to do everything to try to defend our title," Borg said.