Emma Raducanu: I'll do whatever I need to do in order to compete at Australian Open

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Emma Raducanu: I'll do whatever I need to do in order to compete at Australian Open

World No. 22 Emma Raducanu has acknowledged that she will do everything that needs to be done in order to play at the Australian Open. The Australian Open could feature strict regulations for this players who want to compete at Melbourne Park and Raducanu is willing to comply.

Raducanu, 18, is set to make her debut at the Australian Open at the beginning of the next season. "Whatever needs to be done to be able to play the Australian Open, I’ll do,” Raducanu explained at ‘The Homecoming’, an LTA Event held to celebrate the UK’s US Open champions.

“To me it’s not even a thought or like a battle in my mind. I just want to be at the Australian Open, and I want to compete there, so, whatever it takes to do, I’ll go”.

Raducanu is a quick learner

Raducanu became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam after beating Leylah Fernandez in the US Open final.

"I just feel like I’m learning and absorbing all the knowledge that I’m gaining like a sponge and soaking it all in”. Raducanu continued. “That’s what I really want to do. I’m not focused on results, I’m focused on how much I can learn because that’s what’s really going to drive me forward”.

Renowned tennis coach Nick Bollettieri was impressed with what he saw from Raducanu at the US Open, comparing her footwork to Roger Federer's. "Emma has all the basics, but what caught my eye was her remarkable footwork.

It is the basis of everything else. Roger Federer has sublime talent and strikes, but the basis of his game is footwork. Watch it, but you'll need slow motion. Emma's ability to hit tough balls has been exceptional during this US Open.

Hitting a ball well is one thing, but consistently returning tough hits sets you apart. These are big positives," Bollettieri said.