Carole Bouchard: "Naomi Osaka should learn from Maria Sharapova"

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Carole Bouchard: "Naomi Osaka should learn from Maria Sharapova"

The behavior and decisions of Naomi Osaka this season, setting aside her victory at the beginning of the Australian Open, have created more than one perplexity to insiders and other tennis players of the WTA Tour. The Japanese is allowing herself to be overwhelmed by her mental health problems and has not been able to control them during the various prestigious tournaments of 2021 (Roland Garros and US Open case examples).

The 23-year-old has already given up on the Indian Wells Master 1000 and she is very likely not to compete in any official tournament until the end of the year. In the latest episode of Tennis Majors Match points, former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, journalists Simon Cambers and Carole Bouchard spoke about the topic and the current situation of the Japanese player.

Carole Bouchard: "Naomi Osaka should learn from Maria Sharapova"

Bouchard explained how the Japanese player would do well to take advice from Maria Sharapova on how to manage fame during the Tour: "You have to be responsible for what you are doing and your destiny.

In a way, saying no to a photo shoot if you don't have a say, so she really dealt with the Russian. I think maybe she is feeling that she is losing control over what is happening around her because she is not in her power."

According to the former French tennis player: "When you represent a lot and are the face of so many prestigious brands, you feel as if every time you step onto the pitch the only thing that will make you happy is winning.

Or maybe not even that. As she puts it, she was more of a relief when she was winning because she felt like she was letting someone down when she wasn't winning. You have many responsibilities." Cambers concluded by suggesting that Naomi listen to Billie Jean King about solving her problems with the media: "She feels that it is sometimes a privilege for reporters to speak with her at a press conference.

It seems to me that you have forgotten a little that you are part of a bigger picture. It's not just about her. Her agent is not doing a very good job of keeping her grounded, because it is not at all true that the media cost her not to participate in Wimbledon."