Elena Vesnina reveals what she sometimes gets told by daughter

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Elena Vesnina reveals what she sometimes gets told by daughter

Former world No. 13 Elena Vesnina has acknowledged that being a parent and a professional tennis player isn't easy but still it's "the best job" for her. “It’s the toughest job in the world,” Vesnina said during her appearance on CrossCourt.

“But it’s the best one”. Vesnina, a former world No. 1 in doubles, admits she uses every chance she gets to return home and spend time with her daughter Elizaveta. “Being in Europe, any time I have the chance, I come home and see them," Vesnina added.

Leaving her daughter is never an easy thing for Vesnina. “Sometimes when I go to the tennis courts, [Liza] tells me, ‘No, no, mama; you need to stay with me because you’re tired. You need to stay with me and lay down!” Vesnina revealed.

Vesnina gets accompanied by her daughter at some tournaments

Vesnina was joined by her daughter at the Rome Masters but then she acknowledged there would be events where she would need to travel alone. Vesnina traveled alone to the Tokyo Olympics, where she and Aslan Karatsev captured bronze medal in the mixed doubles following a walkover by Serbia's Novak Djokovic and Nina Stojanovic.

“I feel sorry for Novak – it’s a tough day for him,” said Vesnina after clinching bronze medal. “But this is sport, this is tennis – the level is really high, the nerves are really high.

“We’re really happy that we won this match because we wanted to be in the final. We were focusing on every single point, we didn’t want to give anything. We knew that we were playing against such a champion like Novak – for me, it was such an honour to play against him, a dream come true, and I admire him. But it’s just great that we won today, we played such a solid match and I’m happy that we won it."